Meet the team

"We take the notion of a "purpose-driven" company very seriously. It's not just a declaration of intent but a calling that every one of us wakes up with. We are sleep-obsessed not just because we study, research and innovate in the space but because the people at Nox harness the collective passion for transforming sleep health care and put it to work daily - guiding with our clients, designing the right diagnostic technology and programs, or directly caring for people seeking healthy sleep."

Sigurjon Kristjansson
Nox’s culture is one of the main reasons I joined Nox. It’s a group of incredibly smart, curious and humble human beings who are sleep obsessed and on a quest to help everyone sleep better. We’re also a highly collaborative, diverse and passionate global workforce whose collective power is hard at work, solving for sleep. And we’re just getting started.
Heidi Anderson
President & Chief Growth Officer
Our highly skilled and dedicated care staff, innovative diagnostics and passion for our people is second to none. Our patients benefit from individualized, holistic and connected sleep health care. They are at the center of what we do and who we are. And I am so honored to have been part of this mission-led company for 11 years and so fortunate to lead this phenomenal team.
Shannon Cyr
SVP, Telehealth Services

” When a client states, ‘You’re more than a vendor, more than a partner, you’re family’, that is the ultimate compliment – even better than the 99% client satisfaction rate we’re honored to have. Our culture of caring, collaboration and innovation is what sets us apart. Client success is not just the name of our department but it is what our team is 100% invested in. This heart and soul is at the core of my 12 year tenure with Nox Health. 

Jennifer Lindskoog
SVP Client Success

Business Leadership

Sigurjon Kristjansson
Chief Executive Officer

Heidi Anderson
President & Chief Growth Officer, Nox Enterprise
Pétur Halldórsson
President, Nox Medical
Shawn Roberts
Executive Vice President, FusionSleep Clinic

Sales Leadership

Jason Gagliano
SVP, Enterprise Sales
Drew Lackner
VP, Sales, Nox Medical, USA
Falk Fuessel
VP, Sales, Nox Medical, International Markets
Natalie Morin
VP, Sales, Nox Medical, Canada

Client Success

Jennifer Lindskoog
SVP, Client Success, Nox Enterprise

Steven Olson
VP, Health Plan Business

Audur Fridriksdottir
VP, Customer Service, Nox Medical

Kara Cerrone
VP, Strategic Parterships

Telehealth Services

Shannon Martin-Cyr
SVP, Telehealth Services

Christina Hudson
Sr Director of Operations

Anita Kinsella
Director, Care Support Team

Chakona Mole-Revis
Director, Engagement Team

Medical Programs

Heidi Riney, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Sinan Baran, MD
Medical Director, Telehealth Programs

Jason Ong, PhD
Director, Behavioral Sleep Medicine

Candi Holyfield, NP
Director, Medical Management


Pushpa Gopalan
SVP, Marketing

Stephanie Treppler
VP, Marketing Operations

Snorri Helgason
Director, Market Access & Product Marketing

Dilja Valsdottir
Director of Marketing Communications

Strategy & Innovation

Ingvar Hjalmarsson
Chief Strategy Officer, EVP Strategic Business

Nigel Ball, PhD
Director, Program Strategy & Innovation

Tom Kauss
VP, Health Analytics

Ed Day
Director, Innovation, Clinical Operation

Medical Technology

Sveinbjorn Hoskuldsson
Chief Technology Officer

Gudmundur Hauksson
VP, Medical Device Engineering

Jon Agustsson, PhD
VP, Artificial Intelligence & Data Research

Cloud Services

Helgi Sigurdsson
Chief Cloud Officer

Leigh Harney
VP, Cloud Applications

Patrick O’Connor
VP, Development

Karina Hauser, PhD
VP, Data & Business Analytics


Kolbrun Ottosdottir
Chief Compliance Officer, Medical

Harpa Arnardottir
Chief Quality Officer, Medical

Tim Reis
General Counsel

Larisa Thomas
VP, Security


Maria Goldshall
Chief People Officer

Freyja Eiriksdottir
Director, Human Resources, Iceland

Lori Wassilchak
Director, Human Resources, USA


Arnar Thorkelsson
Chief Financial Officer

Greg Swayne
SVP, Corporate Development

Daniel Zeyen
Director, Enterprise Project Management

Beth Krier
Director, Revenue Cycle Management

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