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Healthcare Business Today: Simplifying the delivery of sleep health care

SleepCharge featured in as a leading sleep health company able to look beyond the nuance of telemedicine to see its full potential.

As a national sleep health program that helps employers prioritize the safety and health of their workforce by providing access to care through a telehealth delivery platform, SleepCharge has a vision to streamline the sleep healthcare system. Our telehealth delivery model for population-based sleep health care was developed a decade ago, before telehealth was trendy. Telehealth delivery is more than a necessity-driven logistics solution; it helps SleepCharge make sleep healthcare more accessible, more effective and easier to navigate.

Sigurjon Kristjansson, CEO of SleepCharge by Nox Health, explains in the thought leadership piece that SleepCharge has proven not only the viability of the telemedicine model for treating populations at scale but also the significant impact of improved sleep on overall health.

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