We’re passionate about helping people wake up to a brighter world

That’s why we brought together two companies that were the respective innovators in the diagnostics and medical treatment of sleep.

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Our purpose

We want to remove the barriers to care by seamlessly connecting people to the medical care, education and support they need to have long-lasting, healthy sleep.

Our vision

Nox Health was formed to create a world where people are healthy, productive and happy and understand that sleep is a fundamental necessity of life.

Our vision is to work with our partners — employers, health systems, health insurance companies, government health programs, and primary care and specialty provider groups — to bring our solutions to the populations they serve. By expanding sleep health care to where it is needed, sleep can take its rightful place in the healthcare ecosystem.

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Our strategy

Nox Health is committed to helping people wake up to a brighter world using proven, people-centered solutions that address the global sleep epidemic.

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Through Nox Medical, we eliminate the common pain points associated with sleep testing and deliver unparalleled data quality and insights for clinicians.

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Through our SleepCharge program for employer-sponsored health plans and health systems, we provide a comprehensive solution that gives people easy access to medical and behavioral care for sleep that delivers long-term success.