Helping people on their journey to better health through better sleep

The SleepCharge program addresses the root causes of sleep problems by evaluating, diagnosing and treating patients. We integrate digital sleep technology and neuroscientific principles with a personal care model of behavioral and medical therapies.

Solving the problems found in today’s sleep care

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Compare SleepCharge to traditional pathways for sleep disorder treatment.

Often patients abandon necessary medical care midway through the process. Our integrated medical sleep program, with a focus on behavioral health, achieves higher and longer-lasting adherence rates than traditional programs.

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Eliminate care disruption, waste and poor health outcomes.

Traditional sleep care can be fragmented, with a lack of coordination and utilization management between different providers. The SleepCharge program has better patient retention, reduces medical spend and improves health outcomes.

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Patient-centered care means optimal utilization management.

Everyone wins when care is delivered appropriately and is outcome-focused. Our digital sleep programs look at the whole person and how certain chronic conditions — major health care cost multipliers — must be factored into sleep disorder treatment.

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Patient population analytics demonstrate program outcomes and health care savings.

In the crowded field of digital medical care, Nox Health programs stand out for our data transparency. Our detailed reporting and analytics demonstrate program value and ROI.

Let’s explore how our telehealth sleep solution can help your population experience the life-changing impact of a good night’s sleep.

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