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Members can access the appropriate sleep health resources when they need them and where they want them. Whether it’s a home sleep test or a virtual consultation, the SleepCharge program delivers an easier way for your members to get the sleep help they need.
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Employers and Groups

One point of contact for your members’ sleep health

The SleepCharge program provides testing, treatment and tools for the full spectrum of sleep disorders. Find out how our holistic, patient-centric approach pairs greater convenience with lasting outcomes.

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Health Plans

Results-driven sleep care

By offering value-based medical sleep programs, we deliver successful treatment outcomes that control waste and save costs.

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Health Care Providers

Leading the way with advanced sleep diagnostics

Give your patients access to next-generation portable sleep diagnostic equipment that is simple to use, comfortable for patients and delivers precise results.

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Sleep care tailored to your needs

The SleepCharge program is offered as a benefit to employers, unions and associations. When you’re a SleepCharge participant, you’ll see the difference — digital tools to access care plus ongoing personal support throughout the treatment process.

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