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Adventures of an old PAP patient but new to SleepCharge

Do you wonder what it’s like to be diagnosed with sleep apnea? Here’s my journey.

I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) 8 years ago. My initial reaction to my diagnosis was horror — “I have to use this device for the rest of my life !?!” — followed by reluctant acceptance. The doctor said after I adapted to the device, I wouldn’t want to sleep without it. While I was skeptical at the time, he was absolutely right (he was a credible source, though, because he was a PAP user himself). I understand this progression — horror, acceptance, healthy dependence — is typical for PAP patients.

While this life-changing process had been smooth sailing for the most part, I was recently thrown a curveball: my PAP device was subject to a recall. I received an email from the sleep company overseeing my care to stop using my device immediately, until further notice. I was alarmed — I know the importance of using the device EVERY NIGHT. And as my first sleep doctor had predicted, I couldn’t sleep without it. The sleep company said I could order a special filter that would allow me to keep using my recalled machine but, of course, they were currently out of it. And to top it off, the sleep company had just sent me replacement supplies the week before, which I still have to pay for out of pocket even though I can’t use the device.

I’m now a SleepCharge patient — and what a difference! I have a new PAP device that is not subject to the recall — it was rushed to me so I wouldn’t have to sleep without one. I’m not pressured to order new supplies; I get replacement supplies sent to me on a regular basis that are covered under the annual fee that I pay. I have access to the wonderful Care Team anytime I have a question or need help. I’m thinking of trying out a new mask style and recently chatted with the nicest person from the Care Team to discuss options. Having a friendly, knowledgeable person to geek out with about PAP components makes me really happy. I’m relieved to be in good hands with a company that knows what it’s doing and really cares.

– Sallie

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