Holding Nox Health Nox T3s device

Nox Health Introduces Nox T3s a New Home Sleep Testing Device

Nox Health continues its commitment to advance sleep diagnostics with the introduction of the new Nox T3s home sleep testing (HST) device.

The Nox T3s is based on the popular Nox T3, which has for many become the standard for home sleep testing since its initial release in 2008. This innovative device builds upon Nox Medical’s commitment to refining the Nox T3’s thoughtful design and furthering its clinical accuracy with the use of cutting-edge Nox RIP technology.

Top Technological Enhancements with the new Nox T3s HST

The Nox T3s is a customizable home sleep test system that is both easy to use, cost-effective and provides accurate results meeting Type III criteria for sleep diagnostic devices. Modern enhancements with the new Nox T3s include the refined Nox RIP Technology with 200Hz sampling capability, a new low energy Bluetooth platform, the BLE 5, software updates with the Noxturnal 6.0 release, and much more.

The Nox T3s includes:

  1. Nox BodySleep™ Analysis*
  2. Nox RIP technology
  3. Designed for safe and hygienic operation
  4. Nox Chain of Custody
  5. Modernized design and durability
  6. Expanded montage capabilities (24 Channels)
  7. Noxturnal 6.0 release
  8. Multiple nights capacity
  9. Low energy Bluetooth and 24 hour recording time
  10. USB-C for faster upload/download speeds


1. Nox BodySleep™ Analysis

The Nox T3s features Nox Medical’s newest innovation, the Nox BodySleep analysis*, which allows physicians to assess patients’ sleep time in a home environment by analyzing actigraph data and breathing parameters, utilizing Nox RIP technology. The Nox BodySleep analysis, available within the Noxturnal software, is a new and validated method that uses an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm intended to differentiate 30-second epochs into REM and NREM sleep states, and Wakefulness. The Nox BodySleep does not require traditional EEG, EOG and EMG signals typically used to determine changes in brain state during sleep stages.

2. Nox RIP Technology

The Nox T3s includes refined calibrated Nox RIP technology with 200 Hz Sampling Frequency, compared to 25 Hz Sampling Frequency in the previous Nox T3. The cohesive design of the Nox RIP adapters and the Nox RIP belts along with the processing of the Nox RIP data in the Noxturnal 6.0 allows physicians to rely on the calibrated Nox RIP flow together with the SpO2 signal, to determine apneas and hypopneas in a sleep study. Furthermore, the use of Nox RIP flow offers an alternative or backup for the cannula flow and minimizes the risk of losing a study if the cannula drops out.

The patented design of the Nox RIP belts results in sensitive, highly technical inductance plethysmography sensors that are fastened with thoughtfully designed clips to ensure the belts remain attached to the Nox T3s throughout the night(s).

Nox T3s Data report sample

3. Designed for Safe and Hygienic Operation

Nox Medical sleep systems are thoughtfully designed for safe and hygienic operation, while providing high signal quality. The Nox Cannula and Nox RIP belts are single patient use only, reducing the risk of cross-infection and possible cross contamination if handled properly. The Nox Cannula has a built-in hydrophobic filter (0.45 μm filtering capability) to protect the Nox T3s recorder from moisture.

The new device has been redesigned with simplicity and hygiene in mind. The Nox T3s has a single-button functionality and is safe to clean with prescribed disinfectant solutions. There has been a total upgrade of the microphone cover, which now has a smooth surface that is easy-to-clean. Furthermore, the old fabric straps for attaching the device to a patient, have been replaced by rubber-like material that can be easily cleaned with disinfectant between patients. The Nox T3s system comes with a new carry case that was designed with hygiene in mind.

4. Nox Chain of Custody

Nox Medical’s Chain of Custody solution comes with an innovative Single Body Source analysis in Noxturnal. The purpose of a Chain of Custody solution is to help confirm the identity of the person who is intended to undergo a sleep study. The Single Body Source algorithm uses the patient’s own biosignals to give a clinician the data needed to verify the chain of custody. The advanced automatic algorithm is coupled with a simple, low-cost, bracelet to fulfill the need for a secure chain of custody solution.

5. Modernized Design and Durability

The new Nox T3s has an updated look, a smaller and lighter device compared to its predecessor, with single-button functionality. The system was designed with the patient in mind with a focus on patient comfort, as well as the size and weight of the device to be ergonomic. The Nox T3 has established a reputation for being a robust device with high performance and low need for repairs in the field.

6. Expanded Montage Capabilities 24 Channels

With the two integrated high-resolution ExG channels on the Nox T3s, sleep specialists can customize their T3s device to adapt to their patients’ needs. The Nox T3s is very versatile, whether you need a traditional type III study for apnea detection or a more advanced study with additional channels. It is possible to measure the patient’s cardiac signal with the EKG.

7. Multiple Nights Capacity

The Nox T3s includes 4GB storage capacity compared to 1GB for the Nox T3. This increased storage capacity allows the same patient to be evaluated for several nights. The capability of recording more than 1 night provides sleep specialists flexibility, therefore obtaining more accurate sleep data and minimizing the patient’s night-to-night sleep variability.

8. Noxturnal Software 6.0 Release

The launch of the Nox T3s comes with a release of Noxturnal 6.0 (later 6.0.2). Noxturnal 6.0 is designed to maximize the sleep specialist’s flexibility and efficiency when reviewing the recorded sleep data.

The updated Report System contains built-in calculators and drop-down menus when customizing various analysis and interpretation reports. These features are designed to provide the sleep specialists with the flexibility and time efficiency when working within the report fields. The Recording Result Overview page has been updated and redesigned. The improved reports and signal sheets, within the new Noxturnal 6.0 software, are designed to be easier on the eyes when viewing sleep study results, providing a user-friendly solution for sleep specialists.

Nox Health Nox T3s report dashboard sample

9. Low Energy Improved Bluetooth and 24 Hour Recording Time

Lower power consumption provides longer recording times with the new Nox T3s. This state-of-the-art Bluetooth® technology facilitates lower energy consumption of the Nox T3s and faster connection and better range between the device and the Nonin 3150 BLE oximeter. This current Bluetooth® technology was developed to enable IoT (internet of things), creating more future possibilities for devices such as the Nox T3s.

10. USB-C Faster Upload/Download Speeds

The Nox T3s includes USB-C technology that provides faster downloads and configuration time.


The Nox T3s is available worldwide to sleep professionals. For more information on market availability and pricing, please contact your local distributor or U.S. sales representative here:

*Nox BodySleep is not available in the U.S.