Nox Medical Nox Medical Receives Innovation Excellence Award

Nox Medical Receives Innovation Excellence Award

Sleep Diagnostics Leader Recognized During Inaugural European Masters of Excellence Awards for Use of Quality Management Software.

REYKJAVIK, Iceland—June 16, 2021—Nox Medical has received the Innovation Excellence Award during the inaugural European Master of Excellence Awards held at the MasterControl Annual Masters Conference. MasterControl, a provider of software solutions that enable life sciences and other regulated companies to deliver life-changing products to more people sooner, recognized Nox Medical for the company’s use of quality management software to deliver new product technology in a competitive market.

Nox Medical leverages MasterControl as a quality tool for a suite of operations and products, including its Nox T3 and Nox A1 sleep diagnostic systems.

“We’ve been using MasterControl for several years now, and the platform has helped us implement automation efficiencies, conduct seamless project audits, elevate our documentation practices and improve the quality and cadence of our validation processes,” said Ingvar Hjalmarsson, chief product officer of Nox Medical.

Hjalmarsson accepted the award on behalf of the company and noted that innovation is critical to remain competitive in the industry.

“MasterControl has greatly improved our efficiency at Nox Medical, especially when it comes to reporting, auditing, monitoring and even running the operation,” said Hjalmarsson. “It (MasterControl) makes our lives simpler and allows us to continue innovating our products and systems, which is at the heart of what we do.”

The European Masters of Excellence Awards was hosted on May 19, 2021 and recognized Nox Medical and other MasterControl customers that have excelled in quality, validation and innovation and are the beginning of a tradition for many years ahead.

“Celebrating our customers alongside their peers provides inspiration for our industry,” said MasterControl CEO Jon Beckstrand.

The European Masters of Excellence Awards are a way to highlight how MasterControl’s customers embrace technology to ultimately help people live longer, healthier and more enjoyable lives.