Nox Medical employees on stage accepting the 2018 Innovation Award

Nox Medical Wins Innovation Award in Iceland

Nox Medical Receives Innovation Award as One of the Strongest in Iceland

Reykjavik, November 15th, 2018 – Nox Medical, a leading sleep diagnostic medical device company and innovator, yesterday received an award for innovation as one of the Strongest in Iceland.

The company received this award for its dedication to innovation and investing significantly in research and development to advance sleep medicine. This award is important because Nox Medical is in the top 2% of all companies in Iceland when it comes to financial fitness.

The company CreditInfo issues a list, every year, of the strongest companies in Iceland, comparing them on financial fitness. Nox Medical has been a member of this exclusive list for three consecutive years.

“We are extremely proud to receive this award.”, said Petur Mar Halldorsson, Nox Medical’s CEO. “We have a strong passion for innovation and are therefore prepared to make a significant investment in research and development”, continued Petur. “We believe that in the long run, our financial fitness is a result of our investment in innovation.”, concluded Petur in his speech at the award ceremony.

Below is a picture of some of Nox Medical’s employees along with Ms. Thordis Kolbrun R. Gylfadottir, Iceland’s minister of innovation, tourism, and industry and members of the Icelandic innovation circle.


Photo by Nox Medical / A few of the Nox Medical employees along with the minister of innovation in Iceland and prominent members of the innovation circle in Iceland