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Nox Medical Expands US Sales, Training & Tech Support Teams

Nox Medical is pleased to announce its recent hire to its Technical Support Team as well as new U.S. Sales & Training Team.

This comes as part of the company ‘s transition from a distributorship sales model to a direct sales model in the U.S. where Nox products are now sold and supported directly by Nox Medical in the United States. For more information please contact us at and

U.S. Sales and Training Team

The new Sales & Training Team is led by Drew Lackner, VP of Sales and Business Development in the United States.

Byron Jamerson, Product Specialist RPSGT, RST, CCSH

Byron Jamerson

Byron has over 30 years experience in the sleep industry as a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist, Certified Sleep Educator, with Certification in Clinical Sleep Health credentials. Byron worked for many years as sleep tech and then sleep center director before moving into educational roles with Philips Respironics and the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine. Byron will be responsible for training customers on Nox devices and developing the educational material used in training. Byron was trained in sleep at the Humana School of Polysomnographic Technology in Huntsville, AL.

David Lacasse, Northeast Regional Sales Manager

David Lacasse

David has been in sleep diagnostics sales industry for over 24 years selling sleep and neurology systems having worked for both ResMed and Embla. He will be joining Nox Medical as the company’s Northeast Regional Sales Manager. Prior to moving into sleep diagnostics sales, David spent 10 years in clinical sleep and managed two Boston sleep centers. David attended Boston University as a Biology major.

Helgi G. Helgason, Product Specialist MS, RPSGT, RST

Helgi G. Helgason

Helgi has been involved in Sleep and Sleep Technology for over 20 years with a background in technology, physiology, academics, and research, all within the field of sleep. Most recently, Helgi worked as Director of Clinical Operations at FusionHealth responsible for HSAT logistics as well as overseeing the educational and clinical aspects of the company’s SleepCharge Program. Also having worked at Flaga (Embla), Helgi was part of the sales and marketing team at where he was responsible for installation, user training and sales support. At Nox Medical, Helgi will be responsible for training customers on Nox devices and helping developing education material used in training along with providing support to the many clinical research projects Nox Medical participates in. Helgi is a registered polysomnographic technologist with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in Physiology.

John Wirstrom, Central Regional Sales Manager

John Wirstrom

John has nearly 30 years experience within the field of sleep. Past experience includes working in the clinical field of Respiratory and Sleep Diagnostics for 15 years and later as a Clinical Specialist and Sales Consultant for Cardiopulmonary and Sleep Diagnostics for 12 years. John will be joining Nox Medical as the company’s Central Regional Sales Manager. John attended Southeastern Louisiana University prior to entering active duty in the U.S. Army. While in the Army, he attended the Army Medical Department Academy of Medical Sciences Respiratory Therapy Program.

Kevin Siana, Western Regional Sales Manager

Kevin Siana

Kevin has over 15 years experience supporting and delivering value based clinical technology solutions to customers in the fields of Pulmonary, Sleep Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging where he proudly offered the highest level of support and was always an advocate for his customers. At Nox Medical, Kevin will be joining as Western Regional Sales Manager. Kevin is a lucky and proud father of his young children Madilyn, Averie and Jameson. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.

Technical Support Team

The primary focus of the new team members will be on US and Canada operations while providing technical support worldwide, as valuable additions to the existing Technical Support Team at Nox Medical. The Technical Support Team is led by Audur Fridriksdottir, Director of Customer Service at Nox Medical.

LeeRay Montalbo

LeeRay Montalbo

LeeRay has worked in Sleep medicine for the past 22 years operating Polysomnography medical devices and 15 years managing sleep labs and clinics for the US Army and Veteran Affairs Health Care System. He is an avid enthusiast of medical advances in technology. At Nox Medical, LeeRay will be part of the technical support team interacting directly with the end users of Nox Medical devices and software.

Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie has more than 15 years experience in IT and 7 years in healthcare. She previously worked with EPIC EHR applications providing technical support and training and support in the radiation oncology software support field. At Nox Medical, Stephanie will be a part of the technical support team interacting directly with end users of Nox Medical’s devices and software. Stephanie has a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems.