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Nox Health Invests in Client, Patient Experience with Three Senior-Level Hires

Sleep Health Leader Welcomes Medical and Research Directors, Program Manager to Robust Team of Experts​.

ATLANTA—September 15, 2020 –Nox Health is delighted to announce the addition of three new senior-level leaders, further strengthening the company’s collective expertise and enhancing its delivery of effective population-based sleep health programs. Alp Sinan Baran, MD, will serve as Medical Director; Lauren Waggoner, PhD has been appointed as Research Director; and Nigel Ball, Ph.D has been named Program Director.

As Medical Director, Dr. Baran manages the national SleepCharge medical program, including physician recruitment, medical program development and patient care outcomes. He brings significant experience in the sleep health field, including certifications in Sleep Medicine and General Psychiatry. He received his BS and MD from Ohio State University and completed a Sleep Disorders Medicine Fellowship at the University of Michigan, where he also later served as faculty at the Sleep Disorders Center and Director of Sleep Clinics. Most recently he worked with the US Navy in charge of Sleep Medicine at the Naval Hospital of Jacksonville, FL and continues his role as Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Michigan Health System.

“Dr. Baran not only has the professional caliber to support all of our medical programs, he also has the operational and technological skills necessary to launch our program into the future,” said Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, Nox Health’s Chief Medical Officer. “By taking responsibility for the delivery of quality medical care to our patients using the latest methodologies, technologies and telehealth innovations, Dr. Baran will elevate our current and future programs by implementing multicare patient pathways, enhanced outcome metrics and improved physician and participant experiences across the entire SleepCharge program.”

Dr. Waggoner brings years of fatigue, sleep and circadian research experience as the founding Director of the Nox Health Clinical Science team for Population Sleep Health Research. After receiving her M. and PhD from Washington State University, she worked as the lead behavioral modeler and analyst for the Institutes for Behavioral Research in Washington DC, as adjunct professor at the University of South Australia and most recently as a fatigue scientist leading the data modeling team for flight safety at Delta Air Lines. Her research ranges from laboratory studies of performance in normal sleepers to field studies on operational performance in different industries. With her expertise, Dr. Waggoner has provided scientific support for multiple regulatory agencies including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Rail Administration (FRA) and the Department of Defense (DOD).

“Dr. Waggoner’s research interests include the impact of sleep and circadian rhythms on health, wellness and safety,” continued Dr. Durmer. “Her mathematical modeling of sleep and circadian physiology to predict performance with technological applications has already helped countless professionals in safety-sensitive industries around the world. With Dr. Waggoner’s leadership and expertise, the Nox Health and SleepCharge programs are poised to reshape the lives and workplaces of our clients by delivering the most data-driven programming, innovative insights and research-driven outcomes for the populations we serve.”

Dr. Ball brings a unique depth of experience in both the science of sleep and circadian rhythms, as well as sleep disorder program management, to his new role as Program Director. After receiving his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at Exeter University and a DPhil in Zoology for his research on sleep and circadian rhythms in gulls at Oxford University in the U.K., Dr. Ball became board certified in Sleep Medicine. He brings a scientific approach to his new role as Program Director coupled with years of clinical knowledge related to the needs of physicians and patients in the US healthcare system.

“Dr. Ball’s considerable background in sleep neuroscience, coupled with his talents in enabling metric-driven performance for healthcare delivery optimization will serve a critical role in the continued growth and success of both SleepCharge and Nox Health,” Dr. Durmer said. “In his previous role, Dr. Ball directed, grew and optimized multiple medical specialty programs with numerous providers across geographic locations in the Swedish Health Services system in Seattle, WA. He integrated innovative technology and workflows, and developed key metrics to improve care delivery for sleep disorder patients and physicians resulting in system-wide efficiencies. With his years of experience directing healthcare programs and integrating technology with scientific processes, we look forward to a new level of program development with enhanced collaboration across multiple disciplines to deliver the next generation of population sleep healthcare.”

Nox Health serves clients across the globe, including healthcare providers, sleep physicians and Fortune 500 businesses. The company has offices in Atlanta; Boulder, Colorado; and Reykjavik, Iceland.


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