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Nox Health Featured in The Washington Post for Tech Solution

More employers are waking up to the importance of healthy sleep as covered by the Washington Post.

ATLANTA—Feb. 14, 2020—The Washington Post ran an insightful article on how employers are using technology solutions to solve the problem of not getting enough sleep.

We recommend this reading as it mentions how Nox Health, through its SleepCharge solution has helped people towards healthier sleep. Interesting quotes include:

  • “FusionHealth can remotely detect whether drivers’ CPAP machines are leaking and report who is using the device at least 70 percent of the time.”
  • “‘The safety risk is the paramount thing,’ he said, noting they’ve seen a 24 percent decrease in accidents by those treated for sleep apnea since starting the program. More recently, they expanded the benefit to anyone covered on its health plan, but monitoring is only for drivers.”
  • “FusionHealth, now known as Nox Health, has since moved into other sleep disorders, sending messages to employees with insomnia, for instance, if they fall off track with their cognitive behavioral therapy app.”

Please find a link to the article here.


Photo: Gorodenkoff  /  AdobeStock