NOX Rip Belts

Nox Medical Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Reykjavik, May 18, 2018 –Nox Medical, a leading sleep diagnostic medical device company and innovator has achieved a major success in its case in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware alleging that Natus Neurology willfully infringed Nox Medical’s U.S. Patent No. 9,059,532 covering the biometric connector on its disposable RIP belts.

Nox Medical’s claims for willful infringement by Natus, and Natus’ defense of patent invalidity were tried to a jury over three days. The jury returned a verdict upholding the validity of all asserted claims of the ’532 patent, awarding Nox Medical damages for Natus’ infringement, and finding that Natus’ infringement of the ’532 patent was willful. This victory is now the third in a string of victories against Natus regarding Nox Medical’s biometric connector on its disposable RIP belts, Nox Medical having previously prevailed in an opposition proceeding for the European counterpart to the ’532 patent, and a victory over Natus’ challenge to the ’532 patent in an IPR proceeding before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Nox Medical will continue its pursuit of justice by requesting the court to enhance the damages awarded by the jury due to Natus’ willful infringement, and to award Nox Medical its attorneys’ fees.

“This was an important and long-awaited victory for Nox Medical,” said Petur Mar Halldorsson, CEO of Nox Medical. “We have been forced to battle this litigation for over two years because Nox Medical believes in its technology and in its intellectual property. Nox Medical was founded on innovation, and innovation continues to be Nox Medical’s distinguishing characteristic. Consequently, when Natus copied our invention Nox Medical was compelled to protect its intellectual property despite going against a much larger competitor with far more resources to dedicate to the litigation. Nonetheless, we had confidence that our patent would survive all Natus’ attacks, and that the jury would hold Natus accountable for willfully infringing the ’532 patent. This victory is not only important for Nox Medical, but the entire industry as it fosters continued innovation in the whole field of sleep diagnostics,” continued Petur. “Respect for innovation and intellectual property is particularly important in the field of medical devices. As soon as one large company starts to infringe on the innovation of others in the field it will cause stagnation and will be detrimental to everyone in the field,” said Petur. “We will continue to protect our intellectual property, not only with our own best interest at heart, but also to encourage others in the field to innovate and push boundaries,“ concluded Petur.

Photo by Nox Medical