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FusionHealth and Nox Medical Join Forces to Form Nox Health

Meet the One-stop Solution Improving Sleep Health Worldwide, from Fortune 500 Companies to Leading Healthcare Systems.

ATLANTA—Jan. 9, 2020—Full-service population sleep health company FusionHealth and sleep monitoring and diagnostics company Nox Medical have joined forces to form Nox Health, becoming one of the world’s largest sleep health leaders.

United by a vision to enable access to sleep health care through people-centered solutions, FusionHealth and Nox Medical aim to bring more expertise, innovation and collaboration to the field through their combined efforts as Nox Health. At the forefront of research, technology and personalized application of sleep treatment, Nox Health is addressing the global sleep health epidemic by providing employers and other healthcare payers with new ways to prioritize well-being through healthy sleep, while also equipping healthcare providers with solutions that enable patient access to comprehensive and more accurate diagnoses of sleep problems.

“We have been working alongside Nox Medical for years, and this move is the next natural milestone for our companies,” said Sigurjon Kristjansson, co-founder of FusionHealth and CEO of Nox Health. “Nox Medical’s depth of expertise in the sleep diagnostic technology space, combined with the breadth of solutions available through FusionHealth, will allow us to amplify our impact and help far more people than either of us could do alone.”

Known for its technology-enabled, population-based sleep health solutions, FusionHealth has been delivering consistent and effective sleep treatment programs at scale since 2009. Its solutions help payers—including some of America’s largest employers—provide access to sleep health solutions across their populations, reducing healthcare costs and fatigue-related errors while supporting the well-being of their most valuable asset—their employees.

Simultaneously, Nox Medical has provided sleep specialists across the globe with patient-friendly diagnostic devices and robust, reliable data collection for more than a decade. With easy-to-use medical device technology, Nox Medical eliminates common diagnostic pain points by prioritizing patient comfort and reliability of results, allowing providers to better assess, diagnose and treat the entire range of sleep health issues, including sleep apnea, circadian disorders, insomnia and restlessness.

Formally united as Nox Health, the company’s combination of cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities, population sleep health platform and full-service sleep healthcare programs equip employers, healthcare providers and sleep physicians with people-centered solutions to better address issues at the individual level and share the life-changing impact of a good night’s sleep.

“Nox Health brings together two teams at the forefront of sleep health who are truly invested in furthering our understanding of sleep-related issues,” said Petur Mar Halldorsson, CEO of Nox Medical. “Nox Medical and FusionHealth have each made a name for themselves in the industry and will maintain those reputations while simultaneously growing together to include even more innovative, personalized offerings to help resolve the global sleep epidemic.”

Together as Nox Health, FusionHealth and Nox Medical serve clients across the globe, including healthcare providers, sleep physicians and Fortune 500 businesses. The company has offices in Atlanta, Georgia; Boulder, Colorado; and Reykjavik, Iceland. For more information on Nox Health and to view its full suite of offerings, visit