Experience the transformative power of sleep

We get it.

Prioritizing sleep over the hundred other things in your life is hard. Except here’s the rub: We humans need precious shut-eye to do all those other important things. Sleep is as essential as food, water and air.

Most people are in the dark when it comes to sleep.

We greatly underestimate how poor sleep can affect the body and mind, and overestimate how well we can make up for it.

Sleep is critical to your overall health.

Poor sleep may not seem as urgent when compared to heart disease, hypertension or diabetes. But what is overlooked is that sleep is a major aggravator of chronic conditions. Conversely, many chronic diseases exacerbate sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea and worsen sleep quality.

A restful night of sleep is a time of active renewal.

Deep, restful nighttime sleep is critical to ensure the body and brain are able to reset, renew and power back up so you wake up bright and refreshed every day. And clearly, disco naps just won’t cut it. Let’s make sleep a priority and build a stronger foundation for your health and wellbeing.

SleepCharge® is an end-to-end care management platform that sparks and sustains behavior change.

It is a comprehensive program that integrates diagnosis, personalized treatment pathways and attentive human care – all in one place. We are with you every step of the way from diagnosis to aftercare, analyzing data daily and helping people achieve their dream of better sleep.

What you’ll find nowhere else is cutting edge technology powered by science and empathy to create personalized individual plans

We make it fast and easy: Get set up from referral to treatment in ~10 days

We don’t disrupt routines: Our physicians and sleep coaches are ready when you are, with minimal disruption to routines

We come to you: Enjoy state-of-the-art testing at home for greater privacy, convenience and flexibility

We give you direct access: National network of board-certified sleep physicians dedicated to diagnosing and creating individualized plans

We are in it with you: World-class Care Team sets you up for success and guides you through your sleep health journey

The power of restorative sleep is
within your reach

SleepCharge is offered to all those eligible via their employer health plans.