Making diagnostics smarter and nicer

Demand for sleep health significantly outpaces the supply of sleep medicine physicians, driving the need for tech-enablement, new business models and innovation in sleep health to drive scale.

It is in this spirit that we put our expertise in medical devices, behavioral sleep health and innovative care approaches together to create a unique sleep health platform with SleepCharge® that integrates testing, diagnosis, therapies, training and education.
For providers like you, our patient-first design means we design technology for both comfort and precision. Our wide range of medical technology solutions aim to make sleep diagnostics more comfortable, convenient and accurate.
Accuracy: Health care professionals need precision and accuracy from the technology they use to make the right clinical decisions. Our proprietary type 2 HSAT delivers increased conclusive tests and decreased retesting. State-of-the-art technology like the unique irregular data monitoring for non-human PAP usage helps deliver industry-leading adherence and device usage rates. 
Unmatched depth in data: Insightful daily assessments enable greater transparency and treatment modifications, with customized daily reporting for informed decision making. A whole person view of the patient further enables professionals to deliver a higher level of care. 
Patient comfort: Critical to program success is how wearable and non-intrusive our devices and accessories are. Thoughtfully designed to fit people as they move and sleep, we deliver high levels of satisfaction and trust.
Ease-of-use:  Keen behavioral insight into how people interact with our devices, app and care teams allows us to craft an intuitive and responsive experience.

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