Take your members on a seamless sleep health journey

Patient-first design for a holistic, easy-to-navigate care experience.

SleepCharge® integrates diagnosis, treatment pathways and ongoing attentive patient support into a one-stop care management platform that is turnkey and easy  to manage for employers.

Poor sleep has a profound impact on your people.

People with sleep disorders are nearly 2 times more likely to have one of the top 20 chronic conditions. They are likely to have nearly 3 times as many accidents as a well rested employee and be only half as productive.
Source: Leger D et al. (2010) Impact of sleep apnea on economics. Sleep Med Rev; Lallukka T et al. (2014) Sleep and sickness absence: a nationally representative register-based follow-up study. Sleep; Sjosten N et al. (2009) Increased risk of lost work days prior to the diagnosis of sleep apnea, Chest; Harvard Medical School & McKinsey Company: The price of fatigue report. 2010; Skaer T et al. (2010) Economic implications of sleep disorders. Pharmacoeconomics 2010; FusionHealth / HealthCare Data Partners Claims Database.

Poor sleep is a major aggravator of chronic conditions.

Conversely, many chronic diseases exacerbate obstructive sleep apnea and worsen sleep quality, impacting overall health & wellbeing of your people.
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Poor sleep is a healthcare cost multiplier.

Employees with sleep-related issues are 3x more expensive than the rest of your workforce.  So unaddressed sleep disorders can mean big costs.

On the other hand, better sleep can boost the efficacy of your healthcare ecosystem.

With SleepCharge® integrated into their benefit programs, our clients have seen improved health and financial outcomes.


Cost avoidance per member with metabolic health conditions for improved outcomes


Cost avoidance per member with cardiovascular health conditions for improved outcomes


Cost avoidance per member with mental health conditions for improved outcomes

But don’t just take our word for it

"The SleepCharge program is saving money on health costs—$1.2 million in 2018 alone—because it reduces medical services for dangerous conditions such as heart disease that are complicated by sleep apnea.”

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SleepCharge® simplifies a fragmented member experience.

Traditional sleep health programs make for a confusing member experience – leaving members and employers to deal with inefficient complexity. SleepCharge® is designed to make it easier for patients and employers alike.

Our unique value-based care model puts people and outcomes first.

We share risk upfront and align payment to care delivery, delivering one case rate, reducing complexity at the back end.

  • Convenient clinical teleconsults and flexible care delivery system
  • State-of-the-art testing at home for greater privacy, convenience and flexibility
  • Largest network of board-certified sleep providers in the US
  • Mobile app with treatment reporting, document center, and easy in-app support

  • Largest network of board-certified sleep providers in the US
  • Unmatched, real-life sleep data
  • Behavioral approach sparks and sustains positive sleep habits

  • Dramatic chronic condition outcomes through apnea and CBT-I sleep programs
  • Significant decrease in mental health care costs and improved employee wellbeing
  • More people start and stay on treatment (vs. traditional sleep solutions) for sustained positive outcomes

Let us help you supercharge your benefit ecosystem with the power of sleep.