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Meet the one-stop solution improving sleep health worldwide

ATLANTA—Jan. 9, 2020— Population sleep health company FusionHealth and sleep diagnostics leader Nox Medical have joined forces to form Nox Health.

FusionHealth, known for its technology-enabled, population-based sleep health solutions, has been delivering consistent and effective sleep treatment programs since 2009. FusionHealth’s solutions help payers—including some of America’s largest employers—provide access to sleep health solutions across their populations. This reduces healthcare costs and fatigue-related errors while supporting employee well-being.

FusionHealth’s cloud-based SleepCharge platform allows members to easily access assessment tools, tailored content, and personalized support to fit their needs.

“Sleep issues affect half the world’s population,”

according to Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of FusionHealth. “Yet many of today’s programs fail to keep people engaged long enough to see tangible results. By aligning with Nox Medical, we can help more people get to the bottom of their sleep issues and provide the right support to enable successful treatment plans. We can also share valuable data that will allow them to more precisely target related issues and improve their overall health and wellness.”

FusionHealth has been partnered with Nox Medical since 2014 to amplify its ability to understand, diagnose, and treat sleep issues. Nox Medical’s patient-friendly diagnostics and comprehensive data bring robust reporting capabilities and advanced analysis to the SleepCharge platform. Allowing participants to access clinically validated tools and treatments for issues like sleep apnea, circadian disorders, insomnia, and restlessness.

“By combining cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities with full-service treatment and resources, we have elevated SleepCharge to become the premier single-source sleep solution on the market,”

said Sigurjon Kristjansson, co-founder of FusionHealth and CEO of Nox Health. “We have been working alongside Nox Medical for years, and this move is the next natural milestone for our companies. Nox Medical’s expertise in the monitoring and diagnostic space, combined with our breadth of care, allows us to amplify our impact. We can help even more people—from employers to healthcare professionals—share the life-changing influence of a good night’s sleep.”

United by a vision to enable access to sleep healthcare through people-centered solutions, FusionHealth and Nox Medical aim to bring more expertise, innovation, and collaboration to the field. At the forefront of research, technology, and personalized application of sleep solutions, Nox Health is addressing the global sleep health epidemic.

Nox Health will serve clients across the globe, including healthcare providers, sleep physicians and Fortune 500 businesses. The company’s headquarters will remain in Atlanta, Georgia, with operations in Boulder, Colorado, and Reykjavik, Iceland.

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