We believe in the
power of sleep.


When the sun’s out at midnight, you need to learn a lot about sleep.

For over 30 years, the founders of Nox have made the understanding of sleep and everything in its way our one and only dream, one where caring and science are never apart. And for millions around the world, it — and the healing touch of sleep — is coming true.

With so much to see and feel, it’s entirely fitting that Iceland should have days and days where the sun is up for over twenty hours. A fact that never fails to prompt the very same question, from almost every visitor: If this is midnight, how do you sleep? And the answer is always, very, very well.

But we know that many people don’t, for many reasons, from troubled bodies to troubled minds. And we also know that nothing else does what sleep can and must. So a generation ago, our founders asked each other that very same question: How do you sleep?

Piece by piece, breakthrough by breakthrough, we’ve been answering it, by bringing together ideas and possibilities from science, business, telehealth, data, software, cloud, machine learning, biomedical engineering and more. To create a movement against everything from apnea to insomnia to anxiety, and for the deep, lasting good of all. From one lone tosser and turner, to every business that sees its people as people. People who need sleep.

From the land of daylight at midnight, to a world restored by a midnight dream, We are Nox. And all we do is sleep®.