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Sleep tips for new parents

The joys of being a new parent can sometimes be overshadowed by the sheer exhaustion that inevitably comes with a newborn. Try these tips to help make it easier to balance the biologically need to sleep with the near constant demands of a baby.

Tip #1: Sleep when the baby sleeps

We’ll repeat for maximum effect: sleep when the baby sleeps. The chores can wait. Being more attentive and mentally present is extremely important in general, but especially with a newborn’s seemingly 24/7 required care.

Tip #2: Share responsibility, especially at night

Take turns to tend to the baby during the night — one partner stays in bed to catch more Z’s while the other gets up. Mind you, this works best if truly shared. If breastfeeding, this may be especially difficult for mothers. However, the more rested partner can do the heavy lifting during the day while the mother gets more sleep.

Tip #3: Introduce daylight in the morning

This is important for two reasons: it helps stimulate your brain to wake up and get going, while also helping your newborn develop a sleep-wake cycle that matches yours (and the world). Try going for morning walks around the neighborhood, or simply open the blinds to allow natural light.

Tip #4: Don't share the bed with the baby

Hear us out. You’re more likely to get quality sleep if you aren’t worried about a fragile baby tucked in your arms. Share the bed for nursing and comforting, but return to the crib for sleep.

Tip #5: Don't be afraid to ask for and accept help

You are not a bad parent for asking for help. A sleep deprived parent is more likely to make some serious mistakes, so avoid the risk and know your limits.
Babies rapidly grow during their first year of life, meaning this phase will only last for a few months. Most parents report around 6 hours of sleep during the night plus a daytime nap once their baby reached between 2-4 months. Hang in there, you’ve got this.

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