Young teen with sleep tech getting ready for sleep test

Webinar Recap: Can endo-phenotyping help OSA treatment?

Current sleep diagnostics lack information about the underlying cause of sleep apnea.

But respiratory endo-phenotyping could potentially be used to identify pathophysiological traits of sleep apnea that can then be targeted with drugs or devices.

Taiwanese sleep researchers Wan-Ju, Cheng, MD, PhD and Hang, Liang Wen, MD, PhD share their study results on endo-phenotyping in sleep and discuss the feasibility of using endo-phenotyping in clinical practice.

Dr. Wan-Ju is a Director of the Division of Psychiatry at China Medical University Hospital and Dr. Hang is a Professor of School of Nursing & Graduate of Nursing at China Medical University and Chief of Sleep Medicine Center at China Medical University Hospital.

“Endo-Phenotyping in Sleep” is the second of a three-part series by Nox Medical, See Everything at Once, on attended in-laboratory and unattended polysomnography studies.

Read more on the Nox Medical Webinar: Endo-Phenotyping in Sleep.

Photo by Nox Medical

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