Sleep is fascinating

Continuing contributions to sleep science

Nox Health continues to unravel the mysteries of sleep so we can create insightful and innovative solutions that transform sleep health care. We are actively advancing sleep science globally and in the US with a number of collaborations in academia and industry. Our partnerships take varied forms from clinical research using the Nox Cloud health platform for the unmatched depth of data we offer to more breakthrough research studies and technological collaborations that seek to transform sleep health.

We conduct clinical research projects delivering Big Data banks, automated data qualification, AI analysis cloud services and collaboration in scientific publications with partners like:
deCode genetics – HERA
Harvard University – LOFT
John Hopkins – MACS
University of Pennsylvania – Diabetes

Sleep Revolution: Defining the future of sleep health

Nox Health is proud to contribute to The Sleep Revolution , a Horizon 2020 Framework Project, led by Dr. Erna Sif Arnardóttir, Assistant Professor at Reykjavik University’s Department of Engineering and Department of Computer Science and Director of the Reykjavik University Sleep Institute.
The EU-funded SLEEP REVOLUTION project is the largest European sleep initiative undertaken with about 40 international collaborators from academia and industry. Nox is a key partner to Reykjavik University in introducing an approach based on machine learning to better assess OSA severity and treatment needs.
Through a set of wearables and a digital management platform, the project aims to bring together researchers, patients and healthcare professionals to provide a state of the art method of accurate OSA diagnosis and optimal treatment. With the commitment of the European Sleep Research Society and the Assembly of National Sleep Societies, with its over 8000 members, this initiative will help create new standardized international guidelines for sleep medicine.

~40 international
collaborating partners from academia and industry

€50 million
in funding

30 dedicated
researchers and medical practitioners


The Sleep SMART study is the largest NIH-funded US study designed to answer the question whether sleep health care should be considered a first-line for the prevention of stroke, cardiovascular disease and stroke recovery. The study is a large-scale randomized controlled trial consisting of 110 sites across the US with expected enrollment to be over 3000 participants and a total cost of $45 million USD over a 5-year period. This collaboration has resulted in one publication thus far (Brown et al., 2020 International Journal of Stroke).

The Recovery in Stroke Using PAP (RISE UP) Study

The RISE UP study is a single-site randomized controlled trial funded by the NIH with 180 participants, and costs around $3.5 million USD over a 5-year period. It seeks to determine if CPAP treatment for sleep apnea in ischemic stroke improves outcomes related to stroke, such as stroke severity, post-stroke symptoms, and post-stroke functional recovery. In addition, the study is designed to determine if the timing of PAP initiation (immediate therapy vs 1 month delay) can further improve post-stroke outcomes. The role of the CSAAT is to coordinate the sleep testing and subsequent CPAP initiation and management using telehealth services similar to that provided in the Sleep SMART study.