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Sleep: The Next Frontier for Large Employers

Fall is the season when benefit leaders across the country flock to conferences to look for new, innovative ideas and solutions to effect positive change in the overall health of their workforces. In September, Nox Health had the honor to present alongside Joanna Martin, Well-Being Manager, at Pilot Company and Jan Carter, Health & Wellbeing Services Manager, at Southern Company around why sleep matters to them and why it should matter to you too.

While there was the standard case study approach where each speaker presented the amazing outcomes achieved (full presentation available below), there were several distinct moments of the session that stood out. Jan’s 20 years of experience as a nurse came through when she was able to talk about the solution that Nox Health put into place from the unique lens of someone who saw firsthand how much sleep means to the human body. She declared that she did not just believe sleep was the next frontier, but instead that if you aren’t addressing sleep, you are behind.

Another interesting point in the discussion stemmed from a question around value-based care. Nox Health takes on risk upfront, until members opt-in for our services. Nox Health takes on risk upfront, until members opt-in for our services. So what does that mean? It means members avail at no cost to them a number of tools and services that help them identify whether or not they have a sleep issue. From a sleep questionnaire to determine whether or not you are at risk of a sleep related issue to a clinical teleconsult to further determine at-risk level and even an at-home sleep test, analysis of the sleep data from a certified scoring technician. This is then interpreted by a board-certified sleep physician, again without the member being billed – and a respiratory therapist delivers and reviews the diagnosis. This is value-based care at its best.

The results speak for themselves, as both Joanna and Jan shared with us on stage. From dramatic results at the individual member story to their patient population to their attributed cost savings, this solution delivers the care, value, and outcomes it promises. For specific outcomes, check out the full presentation.

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