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Bridging the Sleep Care Gap in Chronic Diseases

How are we all going with our New Year’s resolutions? If canceling your new gym subscription comes to mind, you are not alone. Statistics show that a significant percentage of people abandon their goals by January 13th, also known as “Quitter’s Day.” But there’s one resolution that could have an immeasurable impact on multiple aspects of your and your employees’ health? And that’s prioritizing sleep.

Sleep is one of the four pillars of health, along with nutrition, physical activity, and stress management, according to the American Heart Association’s “Life’s Simple 8.” The importance of sleep in overall health cannot be overstated. It affects our brain function, mental health, metabolism, and even our weight. When it comes to those with chronic conditions, the impact of poor sleep is even greater.

Recently, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Heidi Riney shared her thoughts at the Health Benefits Conference and Expo about bridging the gap between sleep health and chronic diseases. Employers must wake up to the consequences of poor sleep impacting their employees, especially those with chronic conditions. Read on below for her take on closing the gap between chronic conditions and sleep health.

Chronic Conditions are Exacerbated by Poor Sleep

Chronic conditions are highly prevalent in American adults. As much as 60% of the population lives with at least one chronic condition. Poor sleep can aggravate these conditions resulting in higher healthcare costs. Sleep-related costs are hidden in high-cost claims. One out of every five dollars of medical spending can be attributed to sleep disorders. 

As pioneers in the sleep health space, we know that sleep healthcare is complex to deliver. And almost all sleep conditions are chronic, meaning they have long care cycles, multi-faceted symptoms and causes, and multiple, disparate treatment pathways. Traditional sleep programs are plagued by a fee-for-service healthcare solution that burdens the patient with care navigation, resulting in a dropout rate of 77% for those treated through their health plan.

Value-Based Care Leads to Positive Outcomes

That’s why an effective sleep care approach is a must, particularly one that utilizes a value-based, integrated, and multidisciplinary approach. This approach has been shown to have disproportionate positive outcomes, leading to a decrease in chronic health costs, a reduction in the number of hospitalizations, and improved patient experiences.

There is more work to be done to unravel the mysteries of sleep and create insightful and innovative solutions that transform sleep health care. Looking to the future, Nox Health is exploring longitudinal views of sleep and chronic conditions, through study collaborations and a focus on integrating sleep into overall health management. By prioritizing sleep health, individuals with chronic conditions can improve their quality of life and manage their symptoms more effectively. 

So, don’t let your New Year’s resolution become just another statistic. Make sleep a priority, and take control of your employees’ overall well-being. Ready to learn more about Nox Health’s end-to-end sleep health solution? Get in touch today.